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Finecast Foundry Ltd
Unit 1 Lineside Way
Lineside Industrial Estate
Little Hampton
BN17 7EH
t: 01903 716471
f: 01903 723629

Fisher Controls International
301 South 1st Avenue
United States
t: 001 641 754 3011
f: 001 641 754 2830

Flow Group PLC
Capenhurst Technology Park
t: 0151 3482100

Fonderia Acciai Speciali SpA
SS78 Km 6
Urbisaglia (mc)
t: 00 39 733 506639
f: 00 39 733 506597

Foseco International Ltd (Tamworth)
Drayton Manor Business Park
Coleshill Road
B78 3TL
United Kingdom
t: 01827 262021
f: 01827 283725


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