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Target 2010 - An Overview

Target 2010 is a Limited company (Registration No. 3157646). Its objectives, as defined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, are to manage and monitor the UK castings industry Climate Change Levy Agreement on behalf of its Members, facilitating the reporting and dissemination obligations, under the terms of the sector’s Umbrella Agreement with UK Government.

The liability of Members is limited by guarantee, the company having no share capital. The registered office is located at Bordesley Hall, The Holloway, Alvechurch, Birmingham, B48 7QB.

Target 2010, incorporated on 19 April 2000, has a membership in excess of 200 UK foundries (both ferrous and non-ferrous), whose combined output represents more than 80% of UK castings production. It was created to firstly negotiate the industry’s Climate Change Levy Agreement (CCLA) and to subsequently facilitate the sector’s reporting obligations.

Foundries signing up to the Negotiated Energy Agreement receive an 80% reduction in the CCL, off-setting to a considerable degree an otherwise 12–15% increase in energy costs.

Open to all UK foundries, irrespective of size, Target 2010 is a non-profit making organisation, owned by its members and overseen by a Council of industrialists drawn from member companies, trade associations and technical support bodies.

Visit the Target 2010 web site, or contact Roy Wootton, General Manager of Target 2010, for further information.