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CNC Machining for Patternmaking

Initially, a cast component requires a pattern or tooling from which a mould and/or cores* can be made. This is often one of the most costly and time-consuming elements in the production process.


Traditional patternmaking necessitates working from 2-D drawings, which, especially for non-analytical shapes cannot totally relay the designer’s intent in an unambiguous way. Undefined areas are left to the skill of the patternmaker for blending etc.


By the application of CAD/CAM and CNC machining of patterns/tooling directly from supplied 3-D surface data, any ambiguities are avoided.


At Cti, advanced machining centres have been installed having full capabilities including a full 5-Axis facility. Able to work in any material demanded by clients this facility offers both correctness of shape and dimensionally accurate patterns  in the shortest lead-times.


* See also Cti’s patented Patternless™ Process.