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Industries across the globe are becoming more dependant on advanced computer technologies.  In response to this Cti actively develops software applications specifically targeted to at the foundry industry.

Cavalier® 2000 is a versatile, easy to use, Windows-based weight estimation program, for use with any type of alloy.  It is capable of greatly simplifying the process of estimating weights of castings from engineering drawings.  The software was completely revised from the original DOS-based software with many enhanced facilities for storage and retrieval of castings and alloy databases, including improved digitiser functions and faster report production

Crusader® 2000 is a Windows-based steel castings methods calculation program designed to make rigging and risering calculations quicker and more accurate.  It is based on the popular modulus concept and allows comprehensive but rapid calculation, printing, storage and future retrieval of castings methods.

Calculations include: number of feeders, cylindrical or oval, sand and insulated feeders, chills, neck sizes, sand to metal ratios and automatic calculation of overall castings yield.  Crusader® 2000 also interfaces with Cavalier® 2000 for importing section weights and casting ans alloy databases.

For more information about Cavalier® 2000 and Crusader® 2000, please contact Steve Oxley.