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Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Improving Business Performance

Many companies see environmental and health and safety issues as essentially a cost issue affecting, in some cases seriously, the profitability of the company.  This can be true where compliance issues are involved, especially when new legislation, regulations, emission limits or exposure limits are introduced. Green Field Site
Foundry Process However, such pressures can be predicted and planned for many months or even years in advance of their introduction and Cti Environmental services group works closely with members to achieve this.  With suitable planning the impact of new legislation on the bottom line can be minimised.

Adopting an integrated environmental management strategy, across all areas of business activity can result in substantial business benefits. 

Cti’s experience and comprehensive range of services are dedicated to providing pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to the health, safety and environmental challenges facing your company today. 

Significant cost-savings

  • Reduced consumption of raw materials.
  • Lower cost of waste disposal.
  • Less wastage of energy and water.
  • Reduced risk/incidence of litigation.

Further Benefits

  • Enhanced company image.
  • Increased employee satisfaction, often leading to improved performance.
  • New export opportunities as multinationals demand environmental responsibility.

Contact Jon Donohoe to discuss what Cti can do for your company.

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