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Hand-Arm Vibration Monitoring

Hand-arm vibration exposure is a significant area for risk management in foundries.

Cti has extensive experience in this area, with involvement ranging from practical risk assessment to research into risk reduction strategies.  In 1998, Cti completed an 18-month research project for the Health and Safety Executive on “Elimination and Reduction of the Risks of Hand-arm Vibration in the Foundry Industry.”  This was followed by the co-ordination of the West Midlands Network on HAV Reduction, which involved 5 SME foundries in considering practical approaches to risk reduction.

Measuring Hand Arm Vibration

Cti support services include:

  • Initial risk assessment
  • HAV measurements
  • Advice on risk reduction and management
  • Internal risk assessment training
  • Training courses for managers at Cti venues
  • Briefing Note on HAV

For further information, contact Chris Mills.

Members can also contact Cti Information Services to obtain copies of the following Broadsheets:

  • 369-1 Hand-arm Vibration - The Current Situation
  • 369-2 Hand-arm Vibration - Hierarchy of Controls

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