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Land Contamination Investigations

NEW: Risk management guidance now available

There are sound business reasons for every foundry to consider commissioning an investigation of the current condition of their property.  These include the following:

  • To enable a fair valuation of the property, and avoid the stigma attached to being one of the “potentially contaminative” industrial land uses.  Property value is often used as an asset against which capital loans are raised.
  • To facilitate property and company sale transactions, where the lack of information could result in expensive delays and/or unnecessary devaluation.
  • To satisfy lenders and insurance companies with regard to potential liabilities associated with land contamination.
  • To enable significant contamination issues to be addressed before intervention by regulatory bodies, legal proceedings, worker compensation claims, or property re-development.  This may allow the application of more cost-effective solutions.
Land Contamination Investigation

For further information on land contamination investigations, risk appraisal and risk management, contact Bill Green.

Also contact Library Services to obtain a copy of Broadsheet 375 - Land Contamination Legislation.

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