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Research and Development

Areas of Research Current Projects Funding Completed Projects Partners Required

Cti provides contract research and development services to its Members around the world.  Participating in R&D projects with Cti is the best way to gain access to leading edge technology, benefit from independant and confidential research contracts tailored to your needs and, where appropriate, share the costs and benefits of group sponsored projects with other Members with common aims.

All aspects of ferrous and non-ferrous castings technology are covered and the diverse range of facilities available on-site makes the organisation unique in the World.

Research Committee

The Research Committee meets regularly to discuss the research activities of Cti.  This Committee is made up of representatives of Cti's Member companies, and steers the direction of Cti's R&D so that it meets the best interests of the Membership as a whole, and increases focus of R&D within specific sub-sectors.

Technical Working Groups

The Technical Working Groups are chaired by members of the Research Committee, and review and comment on current activities and suggest new topics for R&D relevant to their specific sector.  The sectors represented by the Technical Working Groups are:

  • Iron Castings
  • Steel Castings
  • Non-Ferrous Castings

The objectives of the Technical Working Groups are:

  1. To increase the focus of R&D within specific sub-sectors;
  2. To increase involvement of Members in R&D;
  3. To increase accountability of staff to achieve speedy delivery of relevant results.

Other points to note about the Technical Working Groups are:

  1. The Chairmen of the Technical Working Groups sit on the Research Committee.
  2. Any Member can nominate a representative to sit on any Technical Working Group. Anyone interested in participating should contact Dr Peter M Haigh at Cti's Rotherham office.
  3. The dates and frequency of the meetings are to be at the discretion of each Technical Working Group.
  4. The duties of each Group are:
    1. to determine relevant market-driven R&D actions for their sub-sector;
    2. to determine the best sources for support funding;
    3. to participate actively in ptojects;
    4. to identify suitable subjects for Focus Group meetings.
  5. Cti is always pleased to hear about relevant activities in other organisations throughout the world, and contributions can be made to the Technical Working Groups by post, fax or e-mail.
  6. Members are invited to contribute ideas for R&D at any time by phone, fax or e-mail for discussion by the appropriate Technical Working Group.  This will help ensure that Cti's activities directly reflect the Membership's needs.  E-mail Dr Peter M Haigh at Cti, or Ian Furniss, Chairman of Cti's Research Committee.