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The Patternless® Process

"The elimination of patterns and core boxes by directly machining precision moulds and cores from blocks of sand provides unprecedented opportunities for one-off or small production quantities."      

Dr Mike Ashton, Chief Executive of Cti - Progress Through Technology Partnerships in Global Valve Casting Supply Chains (PDF File 820kB)


The Patternless® Process was invented and developed by Cti.  It is a technique whereby moulds are directly machined out of blocks of sand.  This proves to be a very cost effective way of producing one-off or small production run castings, since it does not require the manufacture of patterns and core boxes.  The benefits associated with the process include:

  • reduced time to manufacture

  • reduced total manufacturing costs

  • castings of high integrity and dimensional accuracy

  • appropriate surface finish and enhanced letter definition

  • suitable for castings of all sizes and weights

  • opportunities for one-off and small series production

  • no pattern storage or maintenance costs

The features of Cti's Patternless® system include:

  • working envelope of 3.6 x 3.6 x 1.2m;

  • rough machining of a mould cavity equivalent to one tonne casting in 30 minutes;

  • machining accuracy of ±0.01mm;

  • uses specially developed cutters with minimal wear;

  • uses block of sand (up to 10,000kg) readily made in any foundry from new or reclaimed sand.


For further information on Cti's Patternless® Process, please contact Mike Ashton


Sand Machine
Patternless Mould
Severn Glocon Valve Body