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project Managment and Consultancy  

Confidential Independent
Specialist Expertise International Experience


  • Benefit from the expertise of more than 80 process, engineering and environmental specialists.
  • Optimise your existing manufacturing processes through our performance and productivity audits.
  • A global knowledge of world best practice to assist in your future planning.
  • Focus on day-to-day management issues whilst we design and project manage your new facilities.
  • Stay on track by using our experienced staff in a temporary support role.

Just when you need it

Large and complex projects such as the choice and installation of new plant and equipment, have skill and manpower requirements that casting companies are unable to meet using their existing workforce. This is why it often makes sense to use outside consultants.

Castings Technology International provides a confidential consultancy service and can offer an impartial and unbiased opinion when major feasibility studies and audits are required.

International Experience

Castings producers can benefit from the multi-skilled Consultancy and project management team. They work internationally for iron, steel, aluminium and non-ferrous casting producers on a completely confidential basis.

The wide range of experience and expertise within the team, complemented where appropriate by that of other specialists from the organisation, ensures that any project can be undertaken no matter how large or complex.