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Training Courses

Introduction to Casting Casting Design Methods Engineering
This one day course provides fundamental knowledge of the principles of casting and provides an overview of most casting processes available from basic sand casting, investment casting and die casting to the ‘Patternless’® process and ‘Replicast’®. It is designed to have a wide appeal, and caters for everyone wishing to understand the casting processes.

This one day course sets off to provide individuals with knowledge of casting design. It covers the solidification theory and the principles of good casting design, illustrated with real life case studies and provides hints and tips regarding common pitfalls and how to avoid them. It then looks at Design for Manufacture and focuses on improving quality by analysing current practices and provides guidance in the quality standards.
The final session deals with identifying casting defects.

This follows on from the ‘Casting Design’ course and provides 4 days of essential knowledge and practical assignments for practicing ‘Methoding’ engineers or ‘Design’ engineers. Topics covered include; Feeding theory, Modulus, Methoding software, Weight estimation, Fluid Dynamics, Gating theory and Chills & Padding.
This course includes practical exercises designed to provide a greater understanding of the relevant underlying theory.

Other Specialised [one day] Courses

We can often provide additional or bespoke training courses [Examples shown below] on request
(subject to suitable number of attendees and availability of our trainers)

Electric Melting

Operating & Control of Greensand Moulding

High Duty Alloys

Metallurgy of Grey & Ductile Irons or Aluminium

Environmental related courses

Benefits of Training

Increase profitability by raising the standard of performance at work

  • Improve yield and minimise scrap by investing in our methods engineering course
  • Reduce lead times and upgrade quality through our specialist design courses
  • Improve the accuracy of patterns using facilities which replicate the workplace
  • Minimise time off work as your staff develop their skills on ‘real world’ products
  • Enhance your in-house problem solving skills at our defects diagnosis workshop

Castings Technology International fully understands the training needs of the castings industry. We provide courses in all aspects of the production and use of castings. These are given by staff with many years of practical experience. In addition they are widely travelled and able to transfer the technology of World Best Practice.

Training courses are available for both casting producers and users, including Members and non-Members, of all levels of ability and experience. They are held at both the Sheffield and Alvechurch sites. More frequently, training is being given at the premises of Members, where the course content can be specifically tailored towards the individual company’s needs and the technology in use.

Shopfloor training

Classroom Training

Interactive learning


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