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Cti joins the Sizewell C Consortium

July 13, 2022

Cti is pleased to announce its membership of the Sizewell C Consortium where its expertise both as a component supplier to the Nuclear industry, and as a key supporter of Made in Britain will enable strategic collaborations in the execution of this major project.

As a large-scale British infrastructure project, Sizewell C will have a marked impact on the UK’s economic prosperity, in terms of British-based construction,  local and national supply chain, job creation and skills retention.  Cti’s Chairman, Kevin Parkin stated: ‘the importance of the building of Sizewell C as a long term low carbon energy source in the UK cannot be underestimated in its potential to enhance British energy security.  In addition, it is highly complementary to the work the Cti is involved in with regard to SMRs’.

All will play their part in the UK getting to net zero.

To date, Sizewell C Consortium has led to the creation of 41,000 jobs created and £2.5bn investment in the North of England and UK-based companies will receive 70% of the project’s construction value: totaling over £14 billion benefiting British businesses and supporting UK jobs and industry.


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