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Driving Innovation: Cti and WH DAVIS Launch Apprentice Exchange Programme

May 21, 2024



Lauren Brentnall, HR Lead and Ryan Longden, Chief Operating Officer of Cti, paid a visit to Andy Houghton, Managing Director, and Steve Shooter, Production Manager at WH Davis in Mansfield. WH Davis stands as the UK’s last independent freight wagon manufacturer. The objective of the visit was to inaugurate an Apprentice Exchange Program between Cti and WH Davis, aiming to encourage collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between these leaders in their respective fields: aerospace castings technology and rail freightwagon manufacturing. The commencement of the apprentice program signifies a significant milestone in the partnership between Cti and WH Davis. Through the synergy of their expertise and resources, both entities are forging pathways for apprentices to flourish and contribute to the prosperity of the manufacturing sector. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive impact of this initiative on both the apprentices and the businesses.






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