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Aerospace Castings

Castings Technology International are able to cast some of the largest and most complex titanium aerospace castings in the world.

In collaboration with leading aerospace primes, Castings Technology helps to identify the challenges and value streams associated with casting large-scale, near-net shape, components in titanium.

We have a proven refined and enhanced casting process which reassures engineers that casting can create lower buy-to-fly ratios for a wide range of structural  components.

Here at Castings Technology International we assist companies considering a transfer of manufacturing from forged, fabricated, or machined parts to cast components for the production of large-scale near-net shape designs.

The cost savings with near-net shape castings can be significant, with less material and shortened lead times.

Over the years, we have developed casting techniques which can be used to produce hollow section components.

These have been traditionally fabricated by welding several pieces of material. However, in applying heat to a thin-walled component there is a tendency for it to distort and require additional heat treatments to regain its dimensional stability.  Castings do not have this issue.

Buy-to-fly ratios can be improved from 5:1, with typical forged components, up to 1.5:1 via the cast route.  Not only does this improved ratio speed up lead times, it also reduces waste and helps the environment by producing less scrap.

Titanium aerospace castings can be proven to produce superior material properties to both forged and machined.

Rapid Turn Around

Forging, fabrication, and machining companies often quote extremely long lead times.  The solution is often a titanium casting manufactured for the rapid delivery of components.

Castings Technology International constantly reviews alternative manufacturing technologies, delivering highly complex components realising reductions in; weight, costs, lead time, and emissions.


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