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Architectural Castings

Castings Technology has the perfect process for detailed architectural castings.

Our ability to produce corrosion and weather resistant parts, together with close tolerances, enables quick and easy assembly.

This capability makes sure that all components can be easily and safely assembled, without the requirement for additional fettling and fitting during final site assembly.

We have been retained on a diverse range of architectural programmes, including the production of several thousand high integrity positional systems for one of the UK’s largest civil glazing contracts, which are still functioning, in the same manner as the day they were installed.

The King’s Ship

We were also delighted to be selected as the architectural casting supplier for the sculpture of ‘The ‘King’s Ship’ located in the garden of New Place, in Stratford.

Created to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s legacy, the artwork has a direct link with Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Castings Technology was responsible for producing the large and intermediate scale stainless steel castings.

The design was created and assembled by Ben Ryan & Rupert Todd of URSAE Ltd.

Little Mesters

In 2024, Cti were asked to produce two cast metal busts of one of Sheffield last “Little Mesters”.

These were life sized busts of the late and famous penknife maker Stan Shaw.

The process involved taking measurements from the designer’s work and, in conjunction with Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) advanced scanning systems, a wax mould of the bust was moulded.

A carefully applied ceramic coating was fixed around the wax pattern and the wax was removed to leave a ceramic pattern into which the metal was poured.

The results of the process were spectacular and the busts, made of bronze and stainless steel, were presented to the Shaw family who donated them to be displayed in prominent locations at both the Cutlers’ Hall and the Industrial Museum in Sheffield.

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