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Castings for the oil and gas industries

This is one of the largest global markets with demanding quality requirements for many critical components.

Castings Technology has a long history of working with renowned clients to develop high integrity ceramic moulded castings.

The casting processes we employ give precise tolerances, and low surface roughness, enhancing operational performance.

Our specialisation in rotating equipment has delivered significant benefits to our clients, especially where product efficiencies drive cost benefits to the end user.

We have a wide range of alloys which ensures that components are always functional even in the most hostile environments.

Impeller Manufacturing for short lead-time, high performance pump castings

In our processes, the hydro dynamic balance of an impeller is determined at the point of casting.

Whilst some tertiary balancing operations can help, ensuring that all vane profiles and their spacing are equal is a unique feature of the one piece pattern and mould technology we use.

This enhanced balance leads to considerable improvements in efficiency, enabling a higher displacement from the same design parameters.

The technologies used enable short lead times to be achieved, even for one-off castings in the most challenging alloys, including CA6NM and covering a full range of stainless, Super Duplex steels, together with nickel or copper based alloys and both CP and other titanium alloys.

Precision ceramic shells or sand moulds, produced by rapid manufacturing techniques, can be used to achieve high integrity, net shape castings with a surface roughness average, Ra, in the range of 3.2 -7.6 micrometres µm (130 – 300 µin) and a dimensional accuracy in the range ISO 8062 DCTG5 DCTG8, up to a diameter of 1.5m or greater.

The technology is equally suited to one-offs, small volume, or larger quantities of castings for the oil and gas industries.

The capability exists to reverse engineer and re-engineer impellers, diffusers, and other pump castings, with an improved performance over the original parts.

More Information on Castings for the Oil and Gas Industries

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