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Chemical Castings - Valves and Pumps

Castings Technology International have a record of producing chemical castings second to none!

In the chemical industry, operational reliability is of the utmost importance and the choice of raw material for components which come into direct contact with a chemical requires careful selection.

Consideration needs to be given to the operating conditions of the process and the extremities of temperature, pressure, flow, and Ph levels.

Some processes use liquids and slurries, which are highly abrasive.

This characteristic must be considered when specifying a suitable casting material. By far the most important consideration in a chemical plant is safety.

A safety factor is always included in the design calculation to ensure that personnel, equipment, and the environment are protected should a process exceed it normal operating conditions.

Safety critical components are frequently used in transferring aggressive and hazardous liquids and gasses – a concept which Castings Technology International has unique materials and process expertise for the manufacture of complex pump and valve chemical castings.

Castings Technology International and Chemical Castings

Working closely with design engineers, Castings Technology International can understand the nature of the process and propose a material and design which offers protection and flow efficiency, whilst considering operating costs and efficient transfers of liquids and gasses throughout a plant.

The technologies used enable short lead times to be achieved, even for one-off castings in the most challenging alloys, including:

  • CA6NM
  • a full range of stainless, Super Duplex steels
  • nickel or copper-based alloys
  • CP titanium
  • titanium alloys

More information on Chemical Castings

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