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Defence Castings

Castings Technology International prides itself on supporting UK Primes with defence castings for programmes that are vital to our national security.

We have experience in structural components for land and air-based systems including artillery, ballistic protection, marine / submarine, and military aircraft.

The use of titanium for light-weighting (improving both operational agility and fuel efficiency) and corrosion-proofing is expanding into areas which have traditionally been the preserve of airborne platforms only.

Corrosion alone costs the worlds’ military powers hundreds of billions of pounds per annum in equipment damage, component replacement, and lack of operational availability which can easily be overcome by the use of more advanced materials in defence castings.

We have been involved in the use of castings to replace hollow section components, traditionally manufactured from titanium using welded fabrications.

This work included the manufacture of an aircraft holding tank in a one-piece casting, with no joints to improve the dimensional stability and ease of manufacture.

Advantages of Defence Castings

There are several advantages of using the cast route for manufacture including:

  • Structural stability – welded components tend to distort when heat is applied
  • Speed of manufacture – castings can be delivered in 12 to 16 weeks
  • Component stability – no joints to fracture
  • Lighter – less bracing and support arms
  • Perfect repetition – once a pattern is made, all castings will have the same dimensions

The light-weighting of submarine conning tower components has resulted in the vessels having improved stability due to the centre of gravity being lowered.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Castings Technology International has been involved in the pre-production and series manufacture for a number of highly sensitive UAV programmes.

The components included undercarriage and airframe structural components as well as exhaust outlet control parts.

More about Defence Castings

To find out more about our capabilities in this area, please contact us:

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