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Marine Castings - Industrial & Leisure

Marine castings are in constant contact with brine at many different ambient temperatures and salt concentration.

When immersed or sprayed with brine, many metal components show rapid signs of corrosion and result in fatigue.

Castings Technology International has considerable knowledge and experience to develop precision-engineered marine castings in alloys specifically for this industry sector which combine performance with durability and quality.

The pumping of brine is common in cooling, shipping, defence, desalination, fishing, power generation, and leisure industries.  Additionally, Castings Technology International’s marine castings are also used in ship: propulsion, steering, fittings pumping, and stabilising applications.

Biofouling and marine growth can reduce the efficiency of a sea going vessel.

Barnacles can also enter into water intakes reducing cooling efficiency or the flow rates of process sea water.

Alloys in 316 and 316L are typically used in marine applications, however, in extreme conditions where elevated temperatures, brine concentrations, or where micro-fouling, biofilm formation, or bacterial adhesion is present, a titanium casting solution may be proposed.

Castings Technology International are aware that, in racing yachts, drag from a conventional bladed propeller can slow down a vessel.

To assist in improving a boat’s speed, a centrifugally driven folding propeller has been manufacture by the company to reduce drag.

Further information on Marine Castings

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