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Richard Cook joins the Manufacturer Top 100 alumni

November 16, 2022

Richard Cook was recognised for his achievements in the Inspiring Leader category by The Manufacturer magazine at the Top 100 awards held in Liverpool in November.

The Manufacturer Top 100 alumni are representative of everything that is brilliant
and inspiring about UK manufacturing.

His vision for their personal growth and success has created opportunities for promotion throughout the business and at all levels from shop floor operatives to HR.  Cti is proud of its apprenticeship programme which offers long term career opportunities in a highly skilled employment sector.

Richard said “Despite the many significant challenges of running a business, it’s watching
people grow, develop and flourish which gives me the most satisfaction. Whether
starting their career with us as an apprentice, or joining later in life as part of a
career change (and all things in between), it’s being part of an organisation that
delivers those opportunities that truly keeps me motivated.”

Asked to give one interesting fact about yourself that not many people know, Richard said  “I used to babysit for Eric Chappel, the celebrated playwright”.


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