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Castings Technology manufacture aluminium castings in a wide range of industrial and aerospace grades.

We use either ceramic moulds or our in-house 3D printed sand moulds and cores. The latter is ideal for producing low volumes quickly or to conduct pre-production process development for high volume manufacture.

We have extensive expertise in high strength aluminium alloy A201.  Aluminium alloy A201 provides casting designers with a substitute for the more expensive forgings and fabrications of aluminium and steel.  Castings Technology has been involved with several projects and, through our experience with this alloy, have gained an appreciation for the casting techniques and process control required to successfully cast A201.

Our world-class innovative counter-gravity aluminium melting and pouring facility reduces the creation of oxides, enhances fluidity, greatly improves the integrity of the cast component for critical applications.  This is particularly suitable for castings used within the aerospace industry.

When blended with a 3D printed mould, this unique capability offers the perfect opportunity for newly designed/conceived cast products to get off the ground in the shortest time without compromising quality in any way.

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