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Cobalt Chrome Alloy Castings

Cobalt chrome alloy castings combine excellent mechanical wear resistance, with particularly good corrosion resistance to a wide range of liquids and suspensions.

They are resistant to cavitation, corrosion, erosion, abrasion, galling, and, by careful composition control, retain these properties at elevated temperatures.

Small additions of carbon, manganese, silicon, tungsten, and titanium can be alloyed to enhance the material which can be used in temperature ranges of 300’C to 600’C without detrimentally affecting its excellent mechanical properties.

Cobalt chrome alloy castings are particularly suitable in applications where impact, wear, corrosion, and erosion resistance is required.

There are many applications where stainless steel cannot be used, often due to a plant operating at elevated temperatures.

In these situations, cobalt chrome alloy offers an ideal solution.

A further advantage of cobalt chrome alloy is that it is a relatively low friction coefficient, allowing enhanced flow rates and process throughputs.

The alloy is also easily weldable, making easier connections to pipework and vessels.

In very demanding operating conditions, the addition of Hastelloy C276 will withstand highly corrosive operating conditions.

Castings Technology International has developed a customised manufacturing technique that has eliminated many of the cracking issues associated when casting this material.

This vastly reduces the risk for our customers when purchasing from us.

Cobalt Chrome Alloy Castings Applications

Cobalt chrome alloy is used in the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • oil and gas
  • reactor vessels
  • gas turbines
  • engine valves
  • aerospace fuel nozzles

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