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Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NAB)

Nickel-aluminium bronze alloys (NAB) are renowned for good corrosion resistance, non-sparking, wear resistance, high strength, high resistance to cavitation and good impact properties.  It is widely used in marine applications for commercial vessels,  cruise liners and naval defence.  They also benefit from the alloys’ good anti damping properties making them ideal for ships’ propellers, submarines, valves,  propulsion systems, and other applications where silent operation is important.

Offshore oil/gas and petrochemical often use NAB in valves and pumps for seawater pumping systems as they enhance the lifecycle of the internal components – ideal for remote operating locations.

Desalination and water condenser systems use NAB for pumps, valves, water boxes, impellers, and housings. It can be used effectively for elevated temperature operations.  NAB has a low susceptibility to attachment of marine organisms too.

Castings Technology has considerable expertise developed in-house to reduce oxide film defects which can be a common issue in the production of NAB.

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