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Titanium Castings

Castings Technology is the only UK titanium castings producer and one of a small number of global producers in this specialist material.

Our pedigree in the production of this complex reactive alloy is based on years of research and development.

Castings from titanium and its alloys, ranging from small complex components as light as 50 grams to some of the largest in the world at 360 kilograms, have been produced by Castings Technology.

It offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio in aerospace applications.

The material is ideal for use in highly corrosive environments including marine, chemical, and oil & gas industries.

Our unique near net shape titanium casting technology offers mechanical properties equivalent to wrought or forged material, but with enhanced fatigue properties.

Our expertise in rapid manufacture, utilising additive layer technology for pattern creation, gives optimal design freedom without the limitations of metal printing.

Single piece components can be cast utilising this innovative blend of technologies up to 2m³.

This process offers one of the most globally cost and time-effective routes for producing shaped components.


Titanium Castings – Case study

For GE, Castings Technology converted nine individual aluminium parts machined from solid into a single titanium casting that was more than 20% lighter than the original aluminium sub-assembly.

This gave the customer reduced lead time, reduced total component assembly weight and lower inventory.


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