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Castings Technology - Consultancy

Being able to combine Castings Technology’s extensive technical expertise with our sound technical/theoretical background of supplying fully certified castings in a wide variety of alloys, gives casting producers a number of unique benefits as part of an innovative approach to our consultancy service.

  • Reduce time taken to introduce new alloys
  • Troubleshooting existing problems
  • Developing a longer-term approach to target overall reductions in scrap, customer rejections and welding rod consumption.

Wherever you are located in the world, if you are planning to build a new foundry, expand or redesign an existing one, our unrivalled expertise can ensure that your design and layouts are fit for purpose and the most cost-effective route to manufacture.   Our materials expertise ranges from conventional iron and steels to exotic alloys and the full range of non-ferrous metals, including magnesium, aluminium and titanium in a wide variety of casting processes.

At one end of the scale, we enabled a small company that had never made a single casting to set up a micro foundry in a 500m² building producing 300kg of castings a week, using our Replicast® technology.  At the other extreme, we helped a major producer to develop a large scale foundry, capable of making 700 tonnes of castings a week, using chemically bonded (No-bake) sand moulds, made on a special production line.

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