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Casting Processes

Castings Technology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of SLA patterns used to produce ceramic moulds for precision casting.

This in-house process has enabled the development of a unique capability to rapidly manufacture patterns with extremely high dimensional compliance.

We are able to produce castings for international clients using the following moulding processes:

Ceramic Moulds

Castings Technology invented the Replicast® process which is combined with an in-house lost wax facility.

We have also developed a customised shell system for titanium and other highly reactive alloys.

The company is uniquely positioned to offer technical assistance to investment casting producers in a wide range of processes, alloys and applications.

MEGAshell™ enables the production of large ceramic shell moulds to deliver the benefits of Replicast® for one-off and low volume castings.

One piece ceramic moulds up to 2m³ can reduce net casting weight by up to 30% when compared with a sand cast equivalent used in heavy section valves.

This process can result in savings in excess of 50% of machining costs when combined with all the other benefits of the Replicast® process.

In addition, large near-net shape castings, particularly in challenging alloys, can benefit from this process.

Castings Technology has refined the MEGAshell™ technology for use with reactive alloys of titanium and zirconium.

3D sand printed moulds

3D sand printed moulds and cores can be extremely cost effective solutions as they offer high dimensional accuracy and close tolerances DCTG7 (casting dimensional tolerance)  when compared with traditional sand moulds.

Core production is available to support hybrid moulding requirements or flexible design modifications.

Castings Technology can produce complex moulds and cores for oil, gas, aerospace, defence, and automotive sectors without the need for dedicated tooling.

Counter gravity casting processes

This process is used to produce high integrity aluminium castings as it minimises turbulence and enhances mould filling efficiency, whilst reducing the formation of oxides during the casting process.

The technology is ideal for complex or thin walled complex castings.

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