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Designed for Casting Manufacture

Castings Technology provides expertise in the processing and properties of cast metals together with casting design and manufacturing techniques.

Our team can help you to minimise the cost, time and risk involved in progressing a concept through to full scale production.

The cost of dedicated pattern equipment necessitates a design to be ‘frozen’ prior to full production and our technology allows fluidity in the design process at the prototype phase and, even during full production, we are able to instantly modify patterns to meet design changes.

Using advanced software to simulate casting manufacture, our specialist engineers can optimise designs to facilitate the production of components to exacting specifications whilst considering cost and technical constraints.

We have considerable experience in simultaneous engineering and can operate on a remote basis throughout the world.

We have the range of skills to support total project management of castings procurement, assisting you with:

  • Configuration optimisation
  • Material selection
  • Process selection
  • Procurement specifications
  • Third party surveillance and manufacture
  • Quality systems and assurance
  • Improving lead times
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