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Non-Destructive Testing

Castings Technology employs highly qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) specialists who have qualifications covering NDT disciplines for both castings and welding.

Our NDT department undertakes X-Ray examinations, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle reviewing, and dye-penetrant inspection using equipment qualified to Aerospace standards.

Accreditations include:

  • ISO/IEC 17025, Nadcap (AC7114/4)
  • Operator Qualifications to ASNT/PCN/NAS 410 (Level II)
  • Rolls Royce
  • BAE Systems
  • 320kV X-Ray
Ultrasonic Testing
  • Company Approvals
  • Operator Qualifications to ASNT/PCN (Level II)
  • Compression / Shear wave
Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • Operator Qualifications to ASNT/PCN/NAS 410 (Level II)
  • DC/AC Yokes
  • Fluorescent / Colour Contrast
Dye-Penetrant Inspection
  • ISO/IEC 17025
  • Operator Qualifications to ASNT/PCN/NAS 410 (Level II)
  • Fluorescent / Colour Contrast
Microscopic Examination

We have the capability to examine samples using Stereo and a Scanning Electron Microscope to identify the grain size and phase content together with any cavities or inclusions.

Microscopic Capabilities:

  • Stereo Macroscope – x5 to x50 magnification
  • Microscope – x50 to x2000 magnification
  • Scanning Electron Microscope – up to x80000 magnification

Standard tests are conducted to international standards including:

  • Grain Size Measurement – ASTM E112
  • Phase Content – ASTM E562
  • Inclusion Content – BS 7926
Chemical Analysis

Our analytical equipment allows us to accurately determine chemical compositions using the following equipment.

  • Spectro Maxx (Optical Emission Spectrometer, OES)
    – Analysis of solid metal samples of alloy bases Fe, Ni, Cu, Al, Ti & Mg
  • Eltra C & S (Combustion)
    – Analysis of Carbon and Sulphur
  • Eltra O, N & H (Inert Gas Fusion)
    – Analysis of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen content of alloys
  • Spectro Xepos (X-Ray Fluorescence, XRF)
    – Analysis of almost any material solid or liquid

If a specific analytical technique is not available in-house, our accredited, qualified and extensive network of approved laboratories complements our in-house capabilities.

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