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Sub-Contract Services

Castings Technology offers the following services on a sub-contract basis to support the metals’ manufacturing industry. Please note that preferential rates are available to our Members.

CMM and laser scanning

Ideal for breakdown or legacy components where pattern equipment may be obsolete or unsuitable for use in production. This equipment can be used to establish machining datums or final dimensional inspection criteria.

Mould design and pouring simulation

To achieve a casting which is always “right first time”

3D sand printed moulds and cores

Produced directly from a CAD design drawing. This capability offers cost effective, high dimensional accuracy and closer tolerances when compared with traditional sand moulding techniques. Core production is available to support hybrid moulding requirements or flexible design modifications.  Castings Technology can also offer short lead time capability.

Stereolithographic patterns

Deliver ultra-flexible design capabilities saving cost and time. They can be used to convert multi-part assemblies into single integrated cast components often eliminating flanges, joints and welded assembles.

Toll Melting

We offer a flexible melting option to support your business when your capacity is constrained

Air Melting

We can provide customised melt procedures and specific guidance on a wide range of alloys.

Heat treatment:

  • Normalising, stress relieve, water quench, air cool
  • Temp ranges- 600°c-1200°c
  • Max load weight- 2.5 tonne

TAV Vacuum furnace:

  • Stress Relieve, Tempering, Solution treatment,  Vacuum cool or Argon Gas Fan Quench cool
  • Max Load weight 2.5 Tonne

Seco Vacuum furnace:

  • Carburising, Stress Relieve, Tempering, Solution treatment, Vacuum cool or Argon Gas Fan Quench
  • Max Load weight 2 Tonne

JLS Furnace:

  • Water Quench, Polymer Quench, Solution treatment & Low temp stress relieve
  • Max Load weight 500kg

Casting up-grading

A comprehensive casting repair and upgrade service in a wide range of alloys inclusive of steels and titanium. We only use coded welders for this operation


Complete facility available


Advice and subcontract service

Proof and finish machining

Our latest investments have extended our range and are available to support you and your customers on a sub-contract basis


  • Manufacturer : DMG Mori – DMC 85 Universal Machining Centre cutting envelope = 935 mm x 850 mm x 650 mm / 36.8 in x 33.5 in x 25.6
  • Manufacturer : XYZ Model : 710 VMC
  • Description : 3-Axis Milling Machine. BT40 Spindle mount. Cutting envelope = 710mm x 450mm x 510mm
  • Manufacturer : XYZ Model : PROTURN SLX 425
  • Description : Lathe. 25-2500 RPM @ 10HP spindle. MT5 Tailstock taper. Cutting envelope = Diameter: 260mm Length:2000mm
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